Mike Caronna


My mission is to help businesses use AI and immersive technology to scale the reach and impact of great storytelling.


I am a journalism fellow at Stanford University's Starling Labs to secure digital content and defend against misinformation. I am also developing custom, lightweight hardware for fast photogrammetry and NeRF 3D capture in the field.

Previously I was the general manager for visuals at Reuters leading operations, strategy, innovation, and technology for video and photo teams covering world news. Before that, I was the deputy editor of the Reuters global picture deskThe desk handles all the news photos Reuters produces. This is where I learned to love metadata. managing a 24/7 team of 50 photo editors in Singapore editing the global news photo file.

And before that, I photographed news, sports, and entertainment in Tokyo as chief photographerThis is where I first experienced the magic that happens when you give innovative journalists cutting edge technology and a strategy that plays to their combined strengths. for Reuters in Tokyo.


Passion for learning new skills, experimentation, and quickly iterating through ideas with prototypes.

Collaboratively solving tricky business problems at speed with partners from Technology, Product, Finance, Sales, and Editorial.

Leading teams small and large and supervising multi-million-dollar budgets.

Telling compelling stories text, photos, video, and data.

3D and immersive tools including photogrammetry, NeRF, Reality Capture, Unity, and Unreal.

Hardware prototyping with Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, CAD, and roboticsThe culmination of these skills was to make an autonomous child-seeking/pet avoiding Nerf cannon for my kids..

AI. My go-to language is Python and my favorite libraries are OpenCV, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Pandas, NumPy, Flask, and RequestsMy proudest moment was finishing the PyImageSearch Gurus course on computer vision and machine learning..

Fluent in Japanese